Pros of Shower Remodel

Pros Of A Shower remodel

  • Increase the value of your home

Remodeled showers attract buyers, helping you sell faster  if needed while also increasing the value of your home.

  • Health Benefits

Gutting an old shower and replacing it with quality materials gives you a clean, fresh start - no creeping mold, water damage or other nasties lurking behind your walls or under your floors giving you ugly water stains in your ceilings. We make sure of it.

  • Peace Of Mind

Just knowing we gut your shower and rebuild it new again using the highest possible waterproofing methods puts you at ease. We handle everything so you can enjoy your new shower for many years to come.

Why Bathroom Squad Showers

Why Bathroom SQuad?

  • We Specialize in Showers

From tiling, plumbing and frameless shower glass; we do everything from A-Z and we do it very well. We do not have "handymen"  working for us;  just shower remodeling experts. 

  • No Leak Guarantee

Your shower pan will never leak - ever! This is our promise to you and a sign of our confidence in our workmanship for all our shower remodeling projects. 

  • Clients Really Tust Us, It’s That Simple 

Our clients return again and again for all their shower and bathroom needs. We advise and educate all of our clients to provide the best shower remodeling solution for their home. We highly value transparency, integrity and respect.

Think showers are easy?

Beware of cheap contractors. Here's why...

  • Think showers are easy? Many inexperienced contractors  discovered it the hard way how difficult this job is.
  • Unless the person actually knows what they’re doing and understands the risks involved in doing a shower wrong, you may find yourself calling us later to re-do their work.
  • The video on the right is just one example of many we get weekly from new clients. They hired “a friend” or “a guy off Craigslist,” who screwed up the project and went MIA. Then they had to pay more to get it done right.
  • When you work with us, you are certain to receive an awesome, correctly built shower backed by an industry leading lifetime no leak guarantee.

Don't let this ^^ happen to you!

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